Extreme LTD added power compensation equipment to its product portfolio

We offer a wide range of power compensation equipment for low voltage levels. We analyse your needs and engineer the right solutions for optimal efficiency and economy.

Power factor correction is one of the best investments to reduce energy costs with a short payback. In a large number of cases, the design and dimensioning work has been made more difficult by the fact that, in a company´s internal low-voltage installation, and also in the medium-voltage supplying it, the proportion of network harmonics has grown increasingly over the last few years.

Power converters, electronically controlled drives, static frequency converters, televisions and computers feed harmonic currents into the supply network. These harmonics might be amplified by the network impedances and capacitors installed. The freedom from harmonics also minimizes interference with other devices being powered from the same source.

Low voltage products for better power quality and improved network efficiency.