Process Control Systems

Process Control Systems
We develop and install hi-tech process control systems for factories and industrial plants starting from automation of a single process to complex solutions.

Process control systems for production is one of the key directions of our work. It helps to increase production output, decrease costs without compromising quality.  

We offer up-to-date solutions for industrial automation:

- design, production and installation of PCS on a turnkey basis;

- upgrading of production process and process control systems;

- selection of all necessary equipment for the project;

-assembly of control and power cabinets;

- visual rendering of technological processes for control and management.

For customers who need solutions with driven equipment:

- projects on replacement of DC motors and wound-rotor induction motors for  induction motors with frequency controllers;

- projects with servodrives;

- projects with measuring, monitoring, positioning etc.

- upgrade of driven equipment;

- supply of low-voltage and mean voltage frequency speed regulators and softstarters and stoppers.

Our solutions:

- Dispatch control systems of distribution networks and performance monitoring of power facilities

- Automated systems of technical utilities metering

- PCS of boiler units

- PCS of grain elevators

- PCS of sewage pumping stations

- automatic control systems for metallurgical production;

- automatic control systems for oil, gas and chemical industry

- Data collection, processing and transfer systems

- Valve control systems

- Electric drive control systems including softstarters and stoppers and frequency speed regulators.