Efficient PV-solutions

Efficient PV-solutions
Extreme LTD offers a full range of services for developing solar power plants: from design, calculation of potential output, supply and installation of equipment, startup and commissioning to maintenance and after-sales service.

Quality is our top priority. With 17 years of experience in the field of power supply systems, we put great emphasis on safety, reliability and cost efficiency of our projects. We work with leading international manufacturers of PV-equipment offering only reliable solutions based on type-tested equipment.

- Preliminary assessment

- Design works

- Equipment supply

- Construction works

- Engineering

- Installation

- Startup and commissioning

- Warranty service

- After-sales service

We develop different models of PV-stations.

Centralized model

Decentralized model


1. When building PV-stations we use polycrystalline solar panels of both – European and leading Chinese manufacturers

2. For every PV-station we select optimal  (in terms of weight and design specifications) aluminium installation structures, which can be adjusted to specific needs in case of necessity.

3. We design and manufacture String Boxes using spare parts of European producers. String boxes are produced on lines 8-24, with and without monitoring.

4. Central 1-2MW inverters by WynnerTech are installed for the centralized model of PV-stations. We works as exclusive distributor of WynnerTech in Ukraine. 20-60 kW string inverters from leading international manufacturers are installed for the decentralized model of PV-stations.

5. We design and assemble all kinds of AC distribution boards using spare parts of Europe’s leading producers.

6. We install oil transformers designed for PV-stations.

7. We use industry-leading medium voltage distribution panels, taking into account Customer’s needs and Technical Conditions provided by the grid operator.

8. We develop and implement monitoring and control system for PV-stations with minimum involvement of service personnel.  

Extreme LTD develops, manufactures and installs modular substations which include AC switchboard, transformer, medium voltage distribution device.