Induction motors and generators

Induction motors and generators
Marelli Motori offers a complete range of Generators and Electric Motors

Marelli Motori S.p.A. has a tradition dating back to 1891 when Ercole Marelli founded the Company. With over 100 years of manufacturing excellence and experience, Marelli Motori is recognised as a leading supplier to the Power Generation, Industrial, Petrochemical and Marine market sectors, offering a complete range of Generators and Electric Motors in low and high voltage. These quality products are backed up by an organisation of skilled people providing sales, service and technical support to the high standards demanded by our customers. 
Marelli Motori designs, manufactures and sells: 

  • - Synchronous Generators in Low and High Voltage
  • - Asynchronous Generators in Low and High Voltage
  • - Generators for Hydropower, UPS, Cogeneration, Industrial applications
  • - Asynchronous Motors in Low and High Voltage
  • - Hazardous Area Motors (IP55, IP56, IP65) in Low and Medium Voltage

Each of these products are available in different types and power ranges: 

  • - Generators from 15 to 9,000 kVA
  • - Motors from 0.12 to 4,000 kW

Induction Motors

Asynchronous motors suitable for industrial environments and explosion proof applications. Power low, medium and high voltage from 0,12kW to 10000kW. 
Voltage from 380V to 13.8kV. 
Sizes from 63 to 1250mm 
Mains and Inverter supply. 
Aluminium Frame from 160 to 280mm. 
Cast Iron Frame from 71 to 500mm. 
Water Jacket from 355 to 630mm. 
Fabricated Steel from 315 to 1250mm. 
Standards: IEC 60034 - IEC 60072-1 - EN 50347 - IEC60079.


Synchronous generators suitable for industrial, marine and hydropower environment and applications. 
Power low, medium and high voltage from 10 to 10000kVA.
Voltage from 380V to 15kV. 
Frame size from 160 to 1250 mm 
Standard: IEC 60034-1 - CEI EN 60034-1 - BS 4999-5000 - VDE 0530 - NF 51-100, 111 - OVE M-10 - NEMA MG 1.22