Compact plug and play utility scale PV inverters

Compact plug and play utility scale PV inverters
Wynnertech is a high-tech company developing solutions to enable grid access of power generation, and to support grid stability and management. Based on the extensive know-how and proven capabilities of its team, Wynnertech proprietary power electronics technology includes reduced power stack modules with advanced cooling, control and interface boards and algorithms, and very compact outdoors installation designs. Wynnertech has the ISO9001:2008 and ISO14001:2004 certifications.

ALBA Solar PV Inverter highlights

• Plug-and-play compact PV inverter with the best weight, volume and cost per watt ratio of the market, with significantly lower installation costs compared to market average;
• IsoCool: External circulation air cooling system that avoids water, sand and dust circulation inside the inverter and narrows the operation temperature range of electronic components, requiring no air filters and thus avoiding regular O&M filter cleaning costs;
• OptiSwitch: Advanced IGBT switching algorithms to increase efficiency and to significantly reduce harmonics;
• Intelligent wireless web server interface for control and monitoring, and communication  with SCADA system;
• DC connection cabinet included, with up to 24 (4x model) or 12 (2x model) monitored and PLC-controlled DC breakers for the connection of string box cables;
• Optimized performance tracking to maximize production for any IGBT temperature;
• IP protected control board and interfaces; master-slave control strategy using a robust standard industrial PLC for high-level control, improving reliability and communications;
• Full grid- friendly features: Excellent reactive and harmonics response, Low/Zero Voltage Ride-Through ability, grid faults tolerance;
• Minimized total BOS investment of PV power plants due to higher unit capacity; reduced land and civil works;
• Very low operation and maintenance costs and labor requirements.
Wynnertech offers also PV plant optimization consulting service to maximize the owner’s economic return based on their specific requirements.