Electrotechnical laboratory

Electrotechnical laboratory
Electrotechnical laboratory provides services of conducting type tests, acceptance tests, mission and complex electric tests and metering of electric equipment for voltage below and over 1000 V.


Electrotechnical laboratory is certified according to certification criteria for testing laboratories set by Rules of delegating and certification in the state metrological system of Ukraine.

Certificate #PT/16/11, issued on Feb 02, .2011 SE «Ukrmetrstandard»


Measuring sites is conducted in accordance with the field of application:

- electric installation and machinery up to 1000V;
- power transformers;
- power cable lines;
- power switchers, load-break switches,  disconnecting switches,  short-circuiters;
- switchgear and control gear;
- grounding devices etc.


The laboratory is equipped with all necessary measuring and testing tools:

- dielectric testing unit AID-70/50;
- automatic circuit-breaker load device UPA-10;
- testing unit;
- resistivity meters;
- insulation resistance meters;
- grounding circuit step and touch measurement device