Completed projects

Completed projects
We work with 4 key market segments: construction, industrial sector, infrastructure, power generation and distribution.

Industrial sector
Industrial sector is a key element of economy. All components within production process should be safe, efficient and durable.

42 pharmaceutical companies, oil refineries, large industrial enterprises, metallurgical plants and service stations have become our customers.

Infrastructure and power generation
Infrastructural and energy facilities ensure smooth functioning of economy, simplify and optimize flow of goods and services creating basis for comfortable life of people. That’s why it is vital to provide safe and reliable power supply supply systems

15 stadiums, datacenter, telecom companies, power distribution units and nuclear power plants have become our customers

It is important to thoroughly design all infrastructural systems of buildings which are supposed to ensure comfort and security. Power supply systems are among those of critical importance. 

47 hotels, shopping mallsresidential complexes and administrative buildings have become our customers

Below you can find examples of projects completed by our company