We offer full scope of works creating power supply systems: from project design to installation, commissioning and after-sales service.

Customers tend to choose companies who can offer complex solutions for power supply and process control systems: design, supply, installation, startup, commissioning and service. This approach allows to decrease costs and avoid problems connected with coordinating efforts of project designers, suppliers and several subcontractors.

Extreme LTD works with complex projects developing power supply and process control systems. All issues related to features and components of equipment, signal transfer channels of control and relay systems are solved within a single project, This approach saves a lot of time and money for customers.

Our biggest expertise lies in the field of process control systems of power generation and power distribution processes as well as process control systems of technological processes of industrial enterprises.

As an engineering company we offer:

- site inspection;

- design and approval of technical assignments for equipment design and manufacturing;

- design of power supply and process control systems;

- assembly and distribution of electric equipment, process control tools and software;

- supervision, installation, commissioning and startup;

- service of supplied equipment.